Sometimes your AdWords account reflects your stock. Say, you sell cars or properties and you have separate ad group for each stock item like car model or property address.

If your stock changes frequently, it may be time-consuming to keep AdWords account updated.

If you are a real player and your ads display variable data such as price or amount of items available, it may be real pain to keep your ads updated. Moreover, when you change ad's text, its statistics get zeroed and you need to wait for approval.

If you already faced these problems or think of having such stock-oriented AdWords account, SheetWords is here for you to help.


Syncs your spreadsheet data with your AdWords account.

Safe for ads

Simultaneously applies changes to your ads' text with no need for approval and preserving ads' statistics.


Editable keyword and ad templates allow you define what keywords and ads are generated for ad groups.

How it works?

For specified AdWords campaign SheetWords automatically creates and keeps in sync ad groups based on spreadsheet data. Each row in the spreadsheet represents one ad group. When you edit, remove or add rows in spreadsheet, changes are automatically applied to AdWords.

Keywords are created based on keyword templates that contain of static text and references to spreadsheet data in ad group's corresponding row in spreadsheet. Same with ads.

In your ad templates you may reference spreadsheet columns that may change frequently such as price or number of items available. SheetWords smartly keeps these values in sync with your spreadsheet in a way that when they change, ad's text is updated but ad's statistics is preserved and it is immediately ready to serve without being sent for approval. SheetWords does this by utilizing AdWords Ad Customizers.